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Music Theory Quizzes

The IMPOSSIBLE Music Theory Quiz

Music theory – one of mankind’s greatest achievements – ranges from the simple to uber difficult.  WITHOUT Google Searching, can you answer the questions on this IMPOSSIBLE music theory quiz? Sure, we won’t be surprised if you get a few right, however getting all 10 right truly means your study of music is unparalleled. Let’s […]Read More


Lang Lang: Goldberg Variations Album Review

Random rewards are an oft-studied psychological phenomenon. Humans and animals do not find themselves attracted to the predictable, but rather, the unpredictable, where sometimes they are awarded nothing, and sometimes they win big. Think about gamblers, for example, addicted to the on/off rush of win-big-or-go-home playing. Lang Lang has always been that pianist for me […]Read More


Max Richter – Voices Album Review

Max Richter was never supposed to be here. Here is a composer whose music, if observed in a notated score, would seem utterly simple, devoid of creativity and ingenuity. This is music based on simple chords, predictable voice leadings, and basic piano patterns. Such compositional tropes would, in the hands of nearly any other composer, […]Read More

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The Darkest Works of Classical Music, According to Reddit Users

Classical music is frequently associated with the most basic of human emotions: Joy, sadness, excitement… Passion, anger, love… And, darkness. What is it about classical music that can evoke the mystical, wonderful and…dark? Well, it comes down to many things. First off, the composer’s intentions are important. Musical texture, harmony, melody, orchestration, tempo… And of […]Read More