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These Are the 20th Century’s 15 Best Composers

What made the 20th century such a compelling time for music? In a word: chaos.  Unlike the Classical and Romantic Eras of music, where a prevailing, normalized European style can be identified, no two significant composers of the 20th century sound alike.  Ives couldn’t be more different than Britten; Bernstein must be the opposite of […]Read More

Music Theory

D Flat Major Scale

The D flat major scale is a major scale consisting of mostly “black keys,” as all five of the piano’s black keys are in D flat major. D flat major is actually composed of all the same notes as the C sharp major scale. See our article on the C Sharp major Scale. The pitches […]Read More

Music Schools

10 Legendary Classical Musicians Teaching Today

Classical music and academia go together like bread and butter. Every prominent living classical musician either trained at a conservatory, university/liberal arts music program, or took private lessons with someone who did. The tradition of classical music and academia is deep; even Tchaikovsky, one of the greatest of all composers, was himself a faculty member […]Read More