So you see appliances for fishing and kitchens. Who is this legendary composer?

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You see fishing bait + an oven! BaitOven = Beethoven. No sweat, you got that one.

What we have here is a dog and a man. Who is this?

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It's a Pooch + an "inny" belly button! PoochInny = Puccini!

One of the greatest piano composers ever. Who can it be?

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We see rocks + a man + light switch saying "off." Rocksmanoff = Rachmaninoff! (If you got it right, you're probably a genius)

Is he holding? grabbing? What Baroque era composer is this?

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He's a grabbing a handle! Handle = Handel!

NO HINTS! Who is it?

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This person is hiding! Hiding = Haydn!

Also no hints! Who is this composer?

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You see green here. If you literally translate the word "Verdi," it means "Green." So, this is Verdi!

Adjacent identical kingdoms? Who is this great composer...

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This is a tough one! We see a palace three times, and the letters "NA" Palace + Three + Na = Palestrina! You're pretty much amazing if you got this one.

Cheese? Gallery? Who could this be?

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You see mozzarella cheese on top, and an art gallery on the bottom! Mozzarella + Art = Mozart! Do you feel that? Sounds like you are hungry too...

Sneaker Boy? Not quite. It's...

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Shoe + Man = Schumann!

Here we see yet another kitchen appliance and a bunch of people. Who's cooking?

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