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In the chord D Major 7 ♯11 ♭13, what is the ♭13?

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The flat 13 is the same pitch as the flat 6, so if you flat the sixth note of the D major scale, you get B♭!

What is the retrograde inversion 0 of the following tone row: G-C-A♭-B-A-B♭-E-F-E♭-D-F♯-C♯

Stravinsky, far left, became a 12-tone composer in his later years: Wikimedia Commons
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To get the retrograde inversion zero, you have to start with the last note of the original row, then invert the intervals going backwards!

Which of the following is a French Augmented-Sixth Chord?

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The french augmented sixth chord is comprised of a major 3rd, a major 2nd, and then another major 3rd, so the only possible answer here is G-B-C♯-E♯

What is the interval between C double sharp and D (Ascending, like in the picture above)?

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Think about it like this: the interval from a C to a D is a major 2nd. C to D♭ is a minor 2nd, and C to D double flat is a diminished 2nd. Thus, C double sharp to D double sharp is a major 2nd, C double sharp to D♯ is a minor 2nd, and C double sharp to D is a diminished 2nd. Only geniuses know that, though

In Schenkerian analysis, what is the ursatz?

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Schenkerian analysis is all about structure, and the ursatz - or fundamental structure - is the core of Schenkerian analysis!

What are the EXACT notes of the original Tristan Chord?

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The famous "Tristan" chord is a half-diminished 7th chord. However, ALL of the answer options are half-diminished 7th chords! The EXACT Tristan chord contains the notes F-B-D#-G#

In the key of G Major, what is the negative harmony equivalent of D7?

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Negative harmony is a term coined by theorist Ernst Levy in his book "A Theory of Harmony." Negative harmony functions on an axis, which is the perfect fifth. In the key of G Major, the perfect fifth above G is D. Thus, a mirror point exists right in the middle of G to D, which is a note between B♭ and B. The mirror, in G Major, works like this: B mirrors B♭, C mirrors A, C♯ mirrors G♯, and so on. In this case, the mirror of D7 is as follows: D is G, F♯ is E♭, A is C, and C is A. Thus, the notes are A-C-E♭-G, which spells out an A half-diminished 7th chord! Big brain

What modern mode is the equivalent of the Hypomixolydian mode, except the last note of the scale is different?

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The notes of the Hypomixolydian and the Dorian modes are the same! OMG! Both D hypomixolydian and D Dorian are: D-E-F-G-A-B-C-D

Which of the following instruments does NOT transpose?

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Harpsichords don't transpose!

In the key of A Major, what are the notes of the Neapolitan Sixth Chord?

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To get a Neapolitan Sixth Chord, create a major triad on the flatted 2nd scale degree, then arrange it into first inversion. Here, that would be a first inversion B♭-D-F

The IMPOSSIBLE Music Theory Quiz

If you want to be a music theory wizard, you gotta get studying! I mean...who DOESN'T know what a Hypomixolydian scale is? Once you've studied up, take the quiz again. (photo via Wikimedia Commons:
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